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Glocalize Yourself is a private enterprise and is not funded by any government agency. Therefore in order to maintain and constantly improve the quality of services it must sustain itself with your subscriptions as members of its community. In order to further expand the development of services and provide better tools to its users, GY needs your support.

Whether you are an individual wishing to make a donation or a company seeking sponsorship opportunities, your support is invaluable to us and the Glocalize Yourself community.

Glocalize Yourself has identified projects and objectives to be achieved with the help of supporters.
For each project described below, there is a bar that allows you to make donations in just a few easy steps. Each project involves an estimated economic target to be achieved to make its implementation possible.
Wherever possible, GY invites any potential technical sponsors to make contact for the eventual supply of materials, tools and equipment useful to the realization of a project.
Glocalize Yourself is an organization of locals connecting through an interactive platform allowing the independent traveler, international student and culture seeker to interact with a location/destination on an intimate level: to explore, experience, and engage with it as a true local and to do so affordably.
The objective of Glocalize Yourself is to contribute to the community and become an active part of it facilitating the process of integration between global and local. Millions of visitors and travelers flock to Italy very year, yet not many actually experience the culture and history of the country through the eyes of a local. Our years of experience working with travelers and visitors in Italy have inspired us to create this specialized service and support platform where American and European students in particular can benefit from such a service that goes beyond guidebooks. GY is born out of the anthropological need to bring authentic culture to the visitor. GY provides a portal which will help members tailor their experience of a new location in a customized way uniting personal interests to the city’s authentic realities. Insights, reviews and suggestions from real passionate insiders will help members avoid tourist traps and live like an informed local.
Having to choose a first place where to start this adventure, the choice of Glocalize Yourself is the city of ROME. Rome, in fact, is the city that offers, to the largest audience of visitors in Italy, an extraordinary potential, never fully expressed, especially from a glocal point of view. To borrow a phrase from the author Dino Buzzati “Rome: one life is not enough”. In Rome, there are wonders around every corner, one just need to know how to see them. One must detach attention from the usual “top ten” destinations of the city, which are certainly extraordinary and deserve to be seen, but sometimes, because overcrowded, they might overwhelm the visitor. Rome is much more. You just have to know how to experience it: with eyes other than those of the tourist, with glocal eyes.

The only true voyage of discovery, the only fountain of Eternal Youth, would be not to visit strange lands but to possess other eyes, to behold the universe through the eyes of another, of a hundred others, to behold the hundred universes that each of them beholds, that each of them is.

Marcel Proust

Being a point of reference for those who want to live a Glocal experience and not according to a guidebook.

G localize Yourself allows people abroad to interact with their new city on an intimate level, to explore, experience, and engage with it as a true local and do it affordably.

What does it mean to be Glocal? It is a modus vivendi that harnesses the spirit of "going global" or traveling to another city with the responsibility of living like a local, exploring the nuances and details of a new city or country. Once one has decided to visit a new city, GY allows the member to engage with it in an authentic way, not as a tourist or temporary visitor. By allowing its members to see with new eyes, the eyes of a local, GY contributes to the community by facilitating the process of integration between global and local creating a genuine dialogue of exchange and interaction.


Our GY explorers will:

discover city secrets and locations, not tourist spots.

Eat, drink and even cook authentic food and recipes.

learn where to shop sustainably at local venues, not tourist traps.

follow unique entertainment itinerary suggestions.

interact with other members of the GY community.

create contents and showcase members' articles, artwork, videos, literary, photographic and creative works inspired by their experience in Italy.

connect culturally with the places, people, and live the language through various linguistic, volunteer and cultural exchange opportunities.


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