How to become a GY Partner

Glocalize Yourself provides cultural information, services and solutions to needs of university student travelers from all over the world who are in the process of choosing their learning experience outside their country of origin.  GY services also appeal to continuing "learners" who are temporary residents in Italy, those who are planning a visit to Italy, or virtual "explorers"who thirst for more cultural and daily knowledge about their destination country.  Our audience and end users are therefore not only US or Italian, but European, Eastern European and Asian independent travelers and lovers of culture who evaluate our method effective, authentic and attractive- not touristic. In addition to our web portal, we are also present on all the major social networks, and we publish a newsletter.

Becoming GY Partner is a strategic advantage!

As one of our Partners:
  • You will have the benefit of increasing your unique value by showcasing it through multiple opportunities to interact with users.
  • You will promote your business within a network of highly professional and qualified Partners.
  • Through the multilingual solutions offered, you can make yourself known to a wider audience, retain your customers and discover new business opportunities providing you with a platform to sell your products and services to customers from all over the world.
  • In addition to promoting your brand, you will have an individual space dedicated to your activity within our site from which you have direct contact with customers.
  • You can launch special advertising campaigns, events and promotions directly to users of the site.
  • You will have the opportunity to take advantage of the Glocalize Yourself community's wide range of audience allowing you to reach potential clients who are otherwise difficult to contact.
  • You can improve the visibility of your services and products by utilizing the SEO potential of our site.
GY operates through a wide range of categories to provide 360-degree solutions for its users making it very adaptable to the promotion of almost any kind of partnership or business activity.  These must, however, ensure quality and professionalism that meet our standards in providing the best for our users.

What are you waiting for? Let the Glocalize Yourself community promote your products and services!

Anyone interested in evaluating the various opportunities offered by a GY partnership can contact us by filling out the form below in order to receive a customized proposal.

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