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The day trip to Saturnia and Monte Argentario through Glocalize Yourself may have been my favorite trip in Italy thus far in my study abroad experience.

Starting with the natural thermal springs in Saturnia, I had been to a few “thermal springs” across Europe, but nothing compares to the real, natural thing.
Not only is the water warm, and containing healing properties, but it is incredibly beautiful to look at, and contains waterfalls.
After warming up with the thermal springs, we drove to Monte Argentario, which to my surprise had not only a coastal ocean, but large mountains and a countryside.
Prior to this trip, I had not heard anything about this area, and when we visited Porto Ercole and Porto Santo Stefano, I realized why they were named some of Italy’s most beautiful villages and as hidden gems.
We stopped to grab sandwiches, and ate overlooking breathtaking views of the sea, the other islands, and an ancient castle.
We then ventured into the village where we explored and saw even more incredible views, thanks to Daniele who was very knowledgeable about the area considering he used to stay and vacation here throughout his childhood.
Porto Ercole was filled with history, and we even got to see the bones of Caravaggio at his memorial sight.
We finished the day with a trip to a local farm where we could shop in their store containing world class wine, pasta, cheese, and more, locally grown and made.
This trip to the coast of Tuscany and its islands and villages was something I would never know to do myself, and has turned out to be one of my favorite parts of Italy.


Tuscan Maremma, Tuscany, Italy