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Romans celebrate Carnevale, particularly the week leading up to Ash Wednesday, with delicious seasonal delicacies that are a tradition you must try:

- frappe, also known as chiacchiere or cenci in Tuscany and other parts of Italy, these scrumptious crispy fried pieces of dough topped with copious amounts of powdered sugar are very simple but very delicious. There is a lighter version which are baked (al forno) and not fried.
- castagnole are the Roman version of mini-donut holes, sometimes soaked in rum, alchermes (a red liquer), or stuffed with delicious sweet ricotta. These can also be baked or fried. Either way, they are delicious and hard not to eat just one…una tira l’altra as they say.
Although these are fried or baked, they must not be oily or hard. The key to fresh frappe is that they are light and crispy.
The same is true of fresh quality castagnole: crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
Here are some of our favorite Roman fornos (bakeries) and pasticcerie (pastry shops) which make heavenly castagnole and frappe:
Roscioli -Via dei Chiavari (near Campo de Fiori) a true mecca for baked goods sweet and savory.
Pasticceria Regoli -Via dello Statuto, 60 (near Termini).
Biscottificio Innocenti -Via della Luce, 21 in Trastevere a true historical institution to sweets.
Saliola -Via Alcide de Gasperi, adjacent to the Vatican in the neighborhood near the San Pietro train station.
And of course:
Dolce Maniera -Via Barletta, 27 (check out our other blog post here on this sweet discovery near San Pietro and Ottaviano Metro stop).
Buon Carnevale, quando ogni scherzo vale!


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