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Just a few steps from the well-known Trevi Fountain is the Sciarra Gallery, a private courtyard in the Sciarra Colonna palace that has become a pedestrian walkway connecting Via Marco Minghetti and Via dell’Umiltà.

Half-hidden a few meters away from Campo de’ Fiori is a small street that connects Piazza del Biscione with Via di Grottapinta: Il Passetto del Biscione.

Walking through the streets of Rome can feel as if you are exploring a large museum.

No one will ever say for certain whether the legend of the female pope Papessa Giovanna is true and whether Giovanna Angelica actually existed or if it is the result of a medieval Roman legend (dating back to the 9th century aC) reflecting the anti-Pope sentiment of the time.

A few years ago, walking through the Ostiense area you wouldn’t have found the vibrant populous neighborhood that exists there today.

There are many lessons to learn when living in Rome but possibly most important is this: usually just a five-minute walk away from any major monument will take you to a restaurant, bar, or neighborhood that is full of local finds. One of our favorite examples of this is the neighborhood of Monti.